My Newest Obsession With Healthy Grilling

It’s hard to lose weight. Daily there is a bombardment of foods being shoved in front of my face, on television, on billboards, even on signs in restaurant windows when I’m walking down the street. That’s why it is so hard to do it, because of the constant temptation. But no longer does losing weight mean nibbling celery and carrot sticks while I watch others eat the delicious meals I enjoy. Especially now that I have discovered the marvelous joys of grilling. I never knew I could eat such scrumptious and healthy meals, every single day, and still lose weight.

Here’s the thing with grilling. It takes almost no oil or butter, and I can cook whatever I want.  Every meal can be cooked on the grill. For breakfast, instead of using a toaster to cook that bagel, I throw it on the grill, top it with an egg and a bit of cheese, and voila! French toast is also great when cooked this way.

I was shocked when I found out I could grill a salad for lunch, and I don’t just mean the chicken in it. Tomatoes, corn, and even lettuce can be given that smoky flavor I have become obsessed with. Grilled chicken sandwiches are also a new favorite of mine.

For dinner, I have put aside the fatty beef burgers in favor of turkey burgers. Or I’ll grill up a tasty pizza, some salmon, or even some nice lean pork chops. Side dishes can include any type of vegetable, from corn on the cob to asparagus to artichokes. I’ve even started making snacks like grilled fruits or some toasted PB&J sandwiches cut up and skewered with some bananas.

grilled fruit

And just because I’m trying to shed those extra pounds doesn’t mean I have to completely cut out dessert. That’s right, when I grill, I grill it all. Fruit skewers are my new favorite end to a tasty grilled meal, especially when I drizzle them with dark chocolate, the healthiest of all the chocolates.

The best part of grilling, aside from the multitude of fabulous, mouth-watering meals I’ve been preparing and ravenously consuming (in healthy quantities, I promise), is just how easy it is. It requires so little effort to grill. Of course, there is a bit of work involved in some of the meals I’ve been preparing, but once the prep is done, the rest is so simple I can’t imagine how awful a rainy day will be when I’ll be forced to cook indoors.

Grilled vegetables

folding bbq toolsAnother amazing discovery I’ve made is just how little is needed to do it.  A great grill is a must, of course, but only a few other items are needed. Grilling utensils, like a spatula, a fork, and a set of tongs are a must, but luckily, I found a great new set from Gourmet Grillmaster. They even have a folding bbq tools set, which comes with a knife and fork that fold out from one end, and a spatula on the other that actually slides out for an extra-long handle. This little beauty will be great for camping, where my grilling prowess will be shown off to the rest of the group sharing my site.

Now, because there are so few cooking utensils needed to grill an awesome meal, the cleanup is a snap. There is only the utensils, the serving dishes, whatever items I needed for the prep work, and of course, a quick wipe down of the grill, and I’m done.

stuffed grilled pppers

There is no downside to grilling. Easy, healthy, delicious, and fast. There is no other way to cook that can compare to it. My obsession with grilling is now complete, so beware grillmasters of the world. I’m the new champion of the flame.

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